Dal 1864 la tradizione della qualità.


Everything starts in Premana, a small village in the Alps where iron has a long history. Fazzini brothers, already active in their business, moved their factory from an old house on the creek to the village.


First appearance of “Montana” brand on Fazzini brothers’ knives.


Establishment of Coltelleria Montana S.p.A. thanks to new investors. The company, thanks to the quality of products and to the innovation-driven mindset, became in few years the position of leader in knives’ market in Italy.


Coltelleria Montana, first in Italy, launches knife block, la cui prima versione contiene 6 coltelli con manico in palissandro.


With the goal to proceed with the business growth, shareholders agreed to sell the company to Fiskars, finnish multinational company active since 1649.


Launch of the first version of Tecna, the most prestigious and innovative product of the company; production proceeds in Premana factory.


Sanelli Ambrogio,knifemaker since 1864, bought from Fiskars the branch Montana, relaunching it and bringing its heart again in Premana.


Launch of new Montana range.